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    What is Wealth admin
    admin on Saturday, September 28, 2013
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    Cows, Bulls and the Land

    The cow and the bull are the key to any successful self sufficient rural project. We sometimes see groups of people attempting to live a self sufficient lifestyle, however, because they don't know of cow protection their attempts generally fail.

    The combination of cows, land and grains is perfect. The cows give profuse quantities of milk, the miracle food. From milk so many useful and healthy products can be prepared. These include yogurt, ghee, butter, cheese and cream. When these milk products are combined with grains (rice, beans, flower, etc) thousands of delicious and nutritious foods can be prepared.

    The bull is happy to pull a plow all day to cultivate the land. The bulls can be trained to work in teams thus providing enormous amounts of power, similar to the power available from the modern tractor, but without the requirement of expensive fuel and maintenance.

    The land, when cultivated by the bull will produce abundant quantities of food grains and the Plain Living and High Thinking farmer will then be wealthy.

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