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  • Nectar of Immortality
    Nectar of Immortality admin
    admin on Saturday, September 28, 2013
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    Nectar of Immortality

    Milk is compared to nectar, which one can drink to become immortal. Of course, simply drinking milk will not make one immortal, but it can increase the duration of one's life.

    In modern civilisation milk is not thought of as being important, therefore people are not living very long.

    Although in this age anyone can live up to one hundred years, the duration of life is reduced because people do not drink large quantities of milk. Instead of drinking milk, they prefer to slaughter an animal and eat it's flesh.

    The cow should be protected, milk should be drawn from the cows, and this milk should be prepared in various ways. One should take ample milk, and thus one can prolong one's life and develop the finer tissues of the brain.

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