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  • Cow is Our Mother
    Cow is Our Mother admin
    admin on Saturday, September 28, 2013
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    Cow is Our Mother

    The Vedic Scriptures refer to the cow as our mother When we stop taking milk from our mother the cow gladly takes over the role of supplying milk. For this reason the cow is our mother.

    It is natures special arrangement that the cow provides milk to give nourishment to civilised people. The barbarians take blood by cutting the throat of a poor innocent animal, while civilised people drink milk which contains all of the nutritious qualities of meat without the necessity of violence.

    We are now killing millions of our mothers every year in such a brutal way in enormous slaughterhouses. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation estimated that in 1984 229,249,000 cattle and calves were killed for meat production. This cow-killing is the most sinful activity and we are suffering in many ways as a result of the enormous burden of bad karma it generates.

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