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  • Plain Living and High Thinking -- A Solution to the Unemployment Problem
    Plain Living and High Thinking -- A Solution to the Unemployment Problem admin
    admin on Saturday, September 28, 2013
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    ·         Plain Living and High Thinking -- A Solution to the Unemployment Problem

    Technology has manufactured tractors and computers, however it has failed to manufacture jobs for the people displaced by these wonders. There are certainly many new opportunities in the high-tech world for intelligent technologists, however, not everyone is so intelligent.

    Each person has different levels and types of skills and abilities. A just society should provide suitable work for everyone according to their ability.

    Technology has abolished much of the manual labor, office and farm work meaning that the displaced workers must swell the ranks of the unemployed, or take employment in areas not really suited to their ability. For many of the young unemployed there is little future so they often resort to alcohol and drugs, which they use to "dull the pain."

    We are losing a whole generation of young people simply because society is unable to employ them in any useful way. A large percentage of young people are now unemployed. Even amongst the employed many are being exploited in "dead end" jobs such as cash register operators in supermarkets, only to be thrown away when they become too old.

    In this throw away society it seems that we are now happy to throw away an entire generation of young people.

    The Plain Living and High Thinking communities will provide a practical solution for this rejected generation by giving them the opportunity to engage in meaningful work, according to their ability. This will enable them to regain their dignity and sense of purpose in life.

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